Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Had another ultrascan today. We could see the heartbeat this time. Judging by the baby's length, the little one is estimated to be about 7 weeks old (which tallies with the calculation by last menstrual cycle). I hope the little one is doing fine. The doctor prescribed one month's supply of folic acid (also received during the last visit).

The persistent hunger and cravings during the earlier 1 and a 1/2 weeks have subsided. My appetite's been rather poor for the past week or so. Nothing seemed to tickle the tastebuds, everything tasted like sawdust. Which is extraordinary for someone who always manages to derive pleasure from food, from plain meat porridge to sinfully yummy curries to cheese-coated marinated fish fillet grilled to perfection. The only food items which I can tolerate now are fresh fruits, plain soup/porridge, cereal and soy milk. :) Really thankful that I don't suffer from morning sickness though...

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A Christmas Gift?

I've been suspecting that I'm pregnant for the past week now. Apart from the tell-tale missed period (initially thought it might just be a lil' late) , the breasts felt more tender and sensitive and I've been feeling full (kinda like indigestion) even a few hours after meals. Finally did a home pregnancy test kit last weekend and got a positive result. We paid a visit to the gynae yesterday who confirmed it. Baby's 5 weeks old! He/she appeared like a small bean in the ultrasound scan. Doc asked us to go again in 2 weeks' time...when we'll be able to hear the heartbeat. The good news is still sinking in....can't believe that we're gonna be parents!!